stars above us

STARS ABOVE US  is the story of a single mother struggling to regain control of her life. While living in a forest she fights to find a place in the world for her and her son, but her earnest attempts are continually thwarted.

Forced into homelessness, Melli takes her son Ben to the forest. Here they build a makeshift camp, set away from the paths where no one can find them. They think the solution is temporary. Melli firmly believes their lives will improve soon, a feeling that is strengthened when she is employed as a trainee flight attendant. But her search for an apartment brings only humiliation, and when her struggle begins to seem futile, with added pressure coming from the government office and her employer, she is completely overwhelmed and has to make the most difficult decision in her life...

"Christina Ebelt shows a woman under extreme pressure, a fighter who is out of breath. Franziska Hartmann plays it brilliantly. The misery, the big bluff, the eternal struggle, the film reflects much of today's
attitude to life."


Ebelt's film falls in love with the female optimism of the heroine and, like the protagonist, entices the viewer to block out reality.

""Stars above us" is an excellently played drama."

Duration98 min
Format1:1,85, Color, DCP, 4k, 5.1
Written byChristina Ebelt, Franziska Krentzien
Directed byChristina Ebelt
CinematographyBernhard Keller
CastingSusanne Ritter
Main CastFranziska Hartmann, Claudio Magno
ProducersHarry Flöter, Jörg Siepmann
ProducerRegina Jorissen
DistributionReal Fiction Filmverleih
PartnersArte, ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel
Supported byNRW Filmstiftung
Creative Europe Media