Maria, a caregiver, undergoes a transformative journey when she encounters Alex, a paraplegic resident. They embark on a forbidden relationship, fueled by their sexual discovery and deep connection. As their bond deepens, Alex's demands and humiliation push Maria to her limits. TOUCHED explores the intricacies of love, dependencies, and the struggles that arise when these elements collide.

Duration133 min
LanguageGerman, English, Greek, Icelandic
Format1:1,85, Color, DCP, 4k, 5.1
Production2Pilots (GER)
Soquiet Filmproduktion (GER)
Written byClaudia Rorarius
Directed byClaudia Rorarius
CastingSarah Lee, Katrin Vorderwülbecke, Ulrike Müller
Main CastÍsold Halldórudóttir, Stavros Zafeiris, Yousef Sweid, Angeliki Papoulia
ProducersHarry Flöter, Jörg Siepmann
Claudia Rorarius
Production DesignBeatrice Schultz
PartnersWDR, SWR, eQuinoxe Europe
Supported byCreative Europe Media
NRW Filmstiftung
MFG Filmförderung
World PremiereLocarno International Film Festival
Cinema ReleaseApril 25, 2024
DistributorCologne Cine Collective