It all began with a trip to the moon! In 1994, Harry Flöter and Jörg Siepmann created their first film, a science fiction named "Luna 13" that told the "true" story about the landing on the moon… The satirical, low-budget film was a huge success and laid the foundation for 2Pilots Filmproduction.

Our company will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2024. The intrinsic need for story, trust, passion, striving, fairness, fun, and professionalism have been the core values of that film and the team who made it, and are still the core values of all our activities today. Since then, our independent production company has produced over 100 films in a wide range of formats and genres. Our offices, post-production facilities, and rental department are located on over 500 square meters in the heart of Cologne.

Today, we have created a team of 8 fully employed cine enthusiasts and a number of permanent freelancers in the rental, editing, camera, and post-production department.