Do you know anything about Omid?

The couple Reza and Maryam live in an urban no man’s land in the suburbs of Tehran. He works as a handyman, she is a nanny. Both mourn the loss of their son Omid, and put all their love into the cat Omid once adopted. When the cat disappears one day, the two set out to find it with increasing desperation.

“Do you know anything about Omid?” relates Iran’s dark years in the 1980s, when many political prisoners were executed in the Islamic Republic’s prisons, to the Iranian present.

Duration90 min
Format1:1,85, Color, DCP, 4k, 5.1
Production2Pilots (GER)
Key Film (IRN)
Promenades Films (FR)
Written byKeywan Karimi
Directed byKeywan Karimi
CinematographyAmin Jafari
ProducersRegina Jorissen (GER)
Keywan u. Kamal Karimi (IRN)
Samuel Chauvin (FRA)
Supported byCineMart Rotterdam
La Fabrique Cannes