Chevalier Noir – A Tale of Shemroon

This is the story of two brothers and a city that devours its own children: Tehran. After the early death of his mother, Amir searches for a way to leave his parents' house together with his younger brother Siâvash. He solely blames his father for the botched life of the family. Amir profits from his relationship with Teheran's Jeunesse Dorée and starts a flourishing business. He sells drugs to the rich and privileged upper class. But one night, a simple delivery of goods ends in chaos and plunges the two brothers into an uncertain fate.

Duration100 min
Format1:1,85, Color, DCP, 4k, 5.1
Production2Pilots (GER)
Indie Prod., Uprod. (FR)
E.A.D. (IRN)
Emrouz (IRN)
Written byEmad Dehkordi
Directed byEmad Dehkordi
DoPJonathan Ricquebourg
ProducersHarry Flöter, Jörg Siepmann (GER)
Margaux Juvénal (FR)
Ali Mosaffa, Emad Dehkordi (IRN)
Supported byFilmstiftung NRW
La Fabrique
CNC (Aide aux cinema du monde)
Nouvelle Aquitaine – Charentes Maritimes
Premiers Plans d´Angers