Semi’s Trail

Semi Blum, a German detective whose well-hidden Roma background unexpectedly lands her a promotion to homicide investigator, links the murder of Dortmund social worker Daniel to a human trafficking ring. From child benefit fraud and organised gangs of child thieves organised child theft gangs, illegal adoptions and organ trafficking the imagination of the perpetrators knows no bounds. When the 'Daniel' case is officially closed, but many questions and the death of 10-year-old Laura remain unsolved, Semi sets off alone and completely unofficially on a dangerous dangerous journey from Dortmund via Romania to the south of France. She meets the undercover investigator Marian and works together with her ex-boyfriend Damian. At the same time, Semi uncovers the dark secret of her own adoption. Although she cannot all the people behind the organised human trafficking organised human trafficking, but returns as a strong personality.

Länge6x45 min
SpracheGerman, Romanian, French
Written byJulia Klier
ProducersHarry Flöter, Jörg Siepmann
ProducersSigrid Strohmann, Esther Bensadon