Dr. Alemán

When German medical student Marc is ejected into the tumultuous blaze of Cali, Colombia, everything in this place smells like adventure and beautiful women to him, promising a perfect antidote to the menacing routine of the small-town surgeries back home. But soon, the archaic injuries he has to deal with as an intern at the Cali hospital will lure him towards Siloé, a picturesque neighbourhood of teenage hired assassins.

Marc's urge to understand the reality of a world so contrary to his own will make him disobey fear, waging a hazardous juggle with all kinds of debauchery, real-life assassins and his new status of being the neighbourhood's "Dr. Alemán".

Duration106 min
LanguageGerman, English, Spanish
Written byOliver Kreidel
Directed byTom Schreiber
CinematographyOlaf Hirschberg
CastingAnja Dihrberg, Juan Pablo Felix, Juliette Ménager, Teatroas
CastAugust Diehl, Marleyda Soto
ProducersHarry Flöter, Jörg Siepmann
Supported byBKM
Filmstiftung NRW