SIlent Summer

One marriage, two perspectives. After Kristine loses her voice and goes in search of her true self, she not only finds out who she is, but also makes surprising new discoveries about her husband. Her voicelessness sends both of them on an inner journey during which Herbert recognizes that his denial of the past merely invites his own misery, while Kristine begins to comprehend that the loss of her voice is more than a function of exhaustion.

Duration90 min
LanguageDeutsch, Französisch
Written byNana Neul
Directed byNana Neul
CinematographyLeah Striker
CastingSusanne Ritter
CastDagmar Manzel, Ernst Stötzner, Marie Rosa Tietjen, Arthur Igual, Victoria Trauttmansdorff, Hans-Jochen Wagner
ProducersHarry Flöter, Jörg Siepmann, Arne Ludwig
DistributionZorro Film
Supported byFilmstiftung NRW
Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film